Shores 3-step signature quality control for cushions

1. IMO QuickDry foam inside 2. Highest quality fabric/vinyl 3. Open serge ferrari mesh in the bottom

Cushions and pillows, and especially how they are made, are extremely important for the comfort of the cruise guests We have learned over the years what it takes to make cushions for cruise ships and the all the 3 three factors must be ensured Result: Longer life, mildew resistance, Dry cushions that dry by themselves. Own in house upholstery and cushion production in Miami, Italy or China.
Quick Dry Foam (QDF) is a unique performance outdoor foam produced by a special process.. Reticulated foam has large, open pores permitting the maximum water drainage and air circulation allowing for quick usage after getting wet or even saturated. QDF is the first and only reticulated foam to meet IMO certifications. In addition QDF uses antimicrobial protection, which prohibits growth of common molds and fungus inside the cushions even when left outdoors for extended periods of time. QDF is the highest density foam available in the reticulated foam family, averaging 2.0 to 2.2 pounds per cubic foot, where our competitors peak at 1.8 pounds per cubic foot.
Most important, because of the foam's high resiliency it is able to withstand years of usage without losing form or comfort. Shores also offers a full line of high quality custom made pillows and cushions for any application within their area of expertise; from dining chairs and large sectionals to drapery and wall coverings. SOD also offers a variety of fixation systems for cushions allowing them to be safely secured to the furniture. Our products are perfected with the finest UV yarn and YKK zippers. And we are able to assure competitive pricing and a quick turnaround.