The Shores-team consists of highly professional and qualified people with a combined 60 years of experience in hospitality, namely the cruise industry. We are dedicated to make a difference for our customers through premium service, superior performance and exquisite quality.

When choosing Shores as your trusted supplier you can be sure that your project is in good hands. We aim to be a global leader by setting the highest standards for ourselves so we can be a valuable resource for our customers. For that, we stand on three pillars: Capabilities in quality, integrity in business, and a dash of Scandinavian sparkle.

We are determined to deliver superior quality and operate in a way that, not only ensures excellent customer service, but also allows for continuous, innovative, and positive improvement and development that secures the satisfaction of our customers' guests and respects our planet.

To us, happy customers are everything and we have learned, as the first furniture supplier in the industry, what works and what does not work. Following, are the measures we have taken to deliver superior and spotless quality.

Our 10 commitments

  1. Shores is a guest in the various countries that we operate in and we are determined to respect the culture of the individual country.
  2. Shores supports, respects and has a proactive approach to the protection of internationally defined human rights.
  3. Shores respects a person's right to freedom of religion.
  4. Shores respects equal opportunities and supports abolishments of discrimination.
  5. Shores respects the right to freedom of association.
  6. Shores provides training, education and further development of human resources on all levels.
  7. Shores supports the UN Convention on the Rights of the child.
  8. Shores wishes employees to have access to a workplace free of harassment or abuse and condemns ny forms of compulsory labour.
  9. Shores aims to be a leading company in the area of environment, health and safety and aim to promote sustainable development.
  10. Shores wishes to ensure that the conduct of its business as an absolute minimum always comply with all relevant laws and regulations.